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Sleek Wallet is the first native OmniChain ERC4337 wallet that makes everything of Web3 simple and secure.

Unlocking True Interoperability with Omnichain Integration

and more, including testnets

Simplify your journey, amplify your experience

Effortless Onboarding

Easily onboard users to your dApp in seconds by leveraging smart accounts. Provide user-friendly social logins and fiat on-ramps that work seamlessly for both mainstream and native web3 users.

Streamlined Transactions

Reduce the need for constant user signatures by leveraging account abstraction to handle web3 actions in a non-custodial way. Build custom authorization and session logic to create a seamless user experience.

Frictionless Experience

Simplify transactions by using paymasters to offer gasless payments, accept gas in any ERC20 tokens, and eliminate failed transactions. All you need is a simple user signature.

OmniChain Communication

Abstract complexity by leveraging the power of cross-chain communication. Allow users to use your dApp from any chain with a single click, without knowing which chain it is on.

Seedless Login

Create and log in to your wallet effortlessly using your email, Google, or Twitter account, without the need for a mnemonic phrase. Our setup process is designed to emulate a seamless Web2.0 experience.

Gasless Cost

Use any ERC20 token, like USDT, to pay for gas fees. You can even conduct gasless transactions when the dApp sponsors gas or a friend covers your fees.

Crafting the Next-Gen Mass-Friendly Web3 Gateway

Ultimate Security

Strong Compatibility

Effortless Simplicity

Low Fees & Big Savings

Strong Compatibility


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